Where Wood and Passion Meet

Where Wood and Passion Meet

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Lumber Selection

By hand-selecting each piece of wood for your project, we ensure quality with every piece we produce.

Reclaimed Lumber

Our current inventory of reclaimed lumber includes; 1860 Timbers from a barn in Berkley Massachusetts, 1890’s Timber from home in Mansfield Massachusetts,1913 Lumber from a church also from Mansfield Massachusetts.

Custom Design

We can design custom furniture and fixtures to your specifications or your vision. To create a “One of a Kind” piece for you.

The Craftsmen

David has been working with wood since a young boy, helping his father with remodeling projects. Since then he has taken up carving, turning, cabinet making and furniture building. He spent several years in the high-end custom Millwork industry, Specializing in Restoration and Duplication of Doors, Window, and Millwork of the past.

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